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Do you have an idea that if you could just get it to market – it would not only change your life, but possibly change the world?

Are you frustrated trying to know where to go, what to do, and what resources are available?

I get it.

Because in my role as a patent attorney, I see the frustration. I talk with the innovators and visionaries—people like you, brimming with bright ideas that truly could change the world.

And I see the concern on their faces as they struggle to find the right contacts and resources that would allow them to make their dreams a reality.

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Kate Sullivan

Guide Dog

Importance Of A Roadmap

You see, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping these creators not just dream but achieve. I want to guide people as they turn their ideas into solutions. I’ve seen the hurdles that aspiring entrepreneurs face. They’ve identified a problem, are living it themselves, and they have the idea for a potential solution.

What they lack is a roadmap.

A clear, step-by-step guide that takes them from point A to Z.
Navigating this path can feel like trying to build a house of cards in a windstorm. And while resources are available—they often come with caveats, whether that’s limited capacity, geographic bounds, or specific focus areas.
If this sounds like the position you’re in, please pay attention as I’m about to let you in on a secret.

The Secret

Imagine a single platform where you can progress from the spark of an idea to a fully realized product or business. Where every entrepreneur can translate their vision into a tangible, actionable plan.

Enter Guide Dog, the app designed to be your entrepreneurial compass.

Guide Dog is your GPS for turning bright ideas into brilliant reality.

With Guide Dog, your next steps aren’t just clear—they’re personalized. You’ll be matched with the people, resources, and support required to get you from idea to successful product.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re deep into your entrepreneurial journey, Guide Dog will help you navigate your path to success making your business concepts effortless. It’s your go-to resource to find expert legal advice, seek mentorship, funding, and more!

Guide Dog

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Strategy

Talk with business experts and mentors to develop a road map for your business/idea.

Streamlined Project Management

Organize your ideas, prototypes, patents, and production schedules all in one place.

Expert Guidance

Connect with industry professionals for invaluable advice and feedback.

Market Research Tools

Understand your target market, competition, and potential profitability with our advanced analytics.

Funding Assistance

Find and apply for grants, loans, and investors directly through our platform.

Collaboration Spaces

Network with other entrepreneurs, share ideas, and potentially find your perfect business partner.

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Guide Dog

A Community of Experts

Our aim isn’t just to serve individual creators.

We’re teaming up with existing resources and creating a connected network of professionals where everyone can tap into the collective wisdom of this extended community.

So, how does Guide Dog compare to the resources currently available?

In an environment saturated with fragmented assistance, Guide Dog stands alone as a consolidated, trusted ally, that helps you find the perfect path for your ideas.

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Your business ideas’ Success Starts with Guide Dog.


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For the serious inventor looking to scale.

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For invention teams and small companies.

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Don't let your brilliant ideas collect dust. Act today and let Guide Dog - guide your path to the success you’ve dreamed of.

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