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Reaching out to a lawyer can often feel daunting, yet delaying this crucial step can lead to even more discomfort. The path of nurturing an idea or growing a business is filled with twists, turns, and occasional steep climbs. As your journey evolves, so too might your strategies and plans. Access to a robust support network is key in ensuring you navigate these changes smoothly.

Implementing the right business structure, crafting solid contracts and agreements, and securing intellectual property rights are essential to strengthen your business and secure your market position. More importantly, they provide clarity and confidence about your future path. My goal is to demystify the legal process, removing any fear associated with consulting a lawyer. I am here to empower you with both a robust short-term plan and a sustainable long-term strategy, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.

Who is Black Dog Law?

Kate Sullivan, JD

Kate Sullivan, JD

Black Dog Law Founder & Entrepreneur

Kate Sullivan is a dynamic professional who seamlessly blends her diverse educational background and extensive legal expertise to make her mark in the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property law. Armed with a degree in Animal Science and Business from Oklahoma State University and a legal degree from the University of Tulsa, Kate's journey reflects her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and helping others.

As a licensed attorney in Oklahoma and a U.S.  registered patent practitioner, Kate's career path has been defined by her specialization in both United States and International Intellectual Property Law. Her passion for assisting others in building and nurturing their ventures is the driving force behind her work, embodying a genuine dedication to problem-solving and innovation. She has a deep-rooted love for helping business owners and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality, providing them with the legal support they need to succeed.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kate is a dedicated community member who has served on the Board of Directors for the South Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce and Tulsa-based non-profit, Modus. She understands the importance of giving back and actively contributes to the betterment of her local community. She also hosts quarterly pro-bono office hours for entrepreneurs that need help with legal strategies for their business.

Kate proudly leads Black Dog Law, setting a remarkable example of empowerment and leadership in the legal field. Her unique blend of qualifications, interests, and unwavering commitment to her clients, coupled with her love for helping business owners and entrepreneurs build their dreams, truly distinguishes her as an exceptional IP practitioner. Kate is a force to be reckoned with in today's ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law, and she stands ready to help you bring your vision to life.

So why the name Black Dog Law?

First of all, 'Kate Sullivan, Attorney at Law' sounded fairly generic.

Second and more importantly, I have rescued dogs for years and over time learned that black dogs and cats are less likely to be rescued than other colors of pets. Black Dog Law seeks to raise more awareness to this fact and hopes to remove the stigma surrounding black dogs and cats.

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